Transform organic waste into nutrient-rich fertiliser in only five days. Sustainable, profitable and efficient.

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With Biocompost technology, you can handle up to 30 cubic metres of waste per day.

We manufacture bioreactors in seven sizes, the smallest of which handles 9 m3, making it suitable for smaller horse farms, for example. The largest model is 18 metres in length and has a daily capacity of up to 30 m3. This is ideal for waste treatment plants with large flows of biological materials. In between we have a range of bioreactors to suit every business.

Landfill and incineration are some of the unsustainable solutions to manage organic waste which has a negative impact on the environment. The Biocompost system exceeding conventional windrow composting by controlling hygienization and eliminating odor, larva, pathogens, and seed weeds. Producing valuable and marketable soil improvement products.

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Biocompost collaborates with the Canadian company Xact Systems, the original developers of our composting machinery. The technology is well proven and has been in use in North and South America for over 20 years.


Robust design, minimal maintenance.

5 days

Instead of 5 months

30 m3

Compost every day

7 models

Different sizes

15 years

Successful use worldwide

6 kwh

Low energy consumption


The composting process continues throughout the year and the compost produced from our process can be used to produce nutrient-rich humus, garden soil and top soil – completely free from infectious agents and weeds. The end product can also replace peat, which is a finite resource the cutting of which has a major impact on nature.


Odor control

Patogenfri kompostering

Pathogen free Composting

Snabb accelererad process

Fast accelerated process

Hela året

All year around

Minskar avfallets volym

Reduces the volume of waste

Hälsosam ren process

Clean healthy operation

Produktion av premium jordförbättringsprodukter

Production of marketable soil improvement products